Boring is defined as a method to enlarge or improve the quality of an existing hole. Sandvik Coromant offers several flexible tool systems available in a wide diameter range for rough- and fine boring.

Sandvik Coromant offers a complete programme of boring tools, from diameter 19 to 1275 mm (0.748 to 50.20 inch).

Order your complete boring tool with one product code only. All tool items are delivered to you at the same time.

Use the code key below to find your complete boring tool. Other tool types, cartridges and slides can still be ordered separately.

CoroBore® XL

Large-diameter boring system

CoroBore® 820

Rough boring tool with a three-insert design


Rough boring tool with a two-insert design

CoroBore® 826

First choice for dedicated hole diameters

CoroBore® 825

First choice for flexibility with different hole diameters

CoroBore® 824 XS

Small-diameter fine boring

CoroBore® 825/826 XL

Large-diameter fine boring

Fine boring head

Adjustable head with boring bars for finishing operations

CoroBore® 825 SL

Productive face grooving

CoroBore® XL for interpoalion turning

Flexible turning method for advanced machining centres and B-axis multi-task machines

CoroBore® XL SpiroGrooving™ for seal ring grooves

Seal ring groove machining on non-rotating components with SpiroGrooving