Drilling tools

Drilling is a critical operation carried out late in the production cycle when the component value is already high. It can therefore make or break your productivity and profitability. Investing in drilling is an easy way to improve your bottom line. Here you can find drilling tools and solutions to help you achieve excellent hole results for a variety of machining conditions, materials and application types.

Indexable insert drills

CoroDrill® 880

The first choice for general drilling

CoroDrill® 881

Reliable holemaking for smaller diameters

Coromant U plunge drill

For plunge drilling operations

T-Max® U stack drill

For stack drilling operations

T-Max® U trepanning tool

For trepanning operations

Solid carbide drills

CoroDrill® 460

Versatile solution for general drilling

CoroDrill® 860

Optimized for maximum productivity and close tolerances for steel, stainless steel and aluminium

CoroDrill® R846

Optimized for heat-resistant super alloys

CoroDrill® 862

For small diameter holes up to 2.95 mm (0.116 inch) in diameter

CoroDrill® 861

Deep hole drilling up to 30 times the drill diameter

CoroDrill® R840

For all materials, including hard steels up to 60 HRC

CoroDrill® 865

CoroDrill 865 is a brand new geometry that offers increased productivity and stable drilling of oil holes up to 25 times the cutting diameter

Exchangeable tip drills

CoroDrill® 870

Reliable and versatile drill that reduces your cost per hole.

Deep hole maching drills

CoroDrill® 800

Highly productive drill for holes ranging from 25 to 65 mm (0.984-2.559 inch) in diameter

CoroDrill® 801

Wide application drill for holes ranging from 65 to 165.10 mm (2.560-6.500 inch) in diameter

CoroDrill® 808

Drill for advanced chip breaking for diameters from 15.60-65.00 mm (0.614-2.559 inch) in diameter

CoroDrill® 818

Counterboring drill for holes ranging from 40 to 301.75 cm (1.575-11.880 inch) in diameter

Gun drills

Flexible and productive gun drills with no pre-setting required